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 B6050   sec-BUTYL ALCOHOL
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sec-Butyl Alcohol
Molecular FormulaCH3CHOHCH2CH3
Molecular Weight74.12
Molecular Weight0.81
At temp20
Boiling point98 C
Melting point-115 C
UN No.1120
Chemical Abstract Number15892-23-6

B6050-1L-SC price on request   
B6050-20L price on request   
B6050-250ML price on request   
B6050-4L 181.81   
B6050-4L-MET price on request   
B6050-4L-SC price on request   
B6050-500ML price on request   
B6050-8L price on request   
 B6060   tert-BUTYL ALCOHOL
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tert-Butyl Alcohol
Molecular Formula(CH3)3COH
Molecular Weight74.12
Molecular Weight0.786
At temp20
Boiling point83 C
Melting point25 C
UN No.1120
Chemical Abstract Number75-65-0

B6060-1L 112.55   
B6060-1L-SC price on request   
B6060-20L 877.35   
B6060-4L 337.64   
B6060-4L-MET price on request   
B6060-4L-SC price on request   
B6060-500ML price on request